5 Tips on Choosing Tiles for Small Bathrooms

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5 Tips on Choosing Tiles for Small Bathrooms

Imagine you just moved into a new house that is very pleasant, but there is one thing that makes you sad; the bathroom is not so spacious. With a little renovation and applying design tricks, a small bathroom can be a comfortable place.

To make the room feel more spacious, you can choose a large floor tile. Large tiles can make the bathroom feel more spacious. Vice versa, if you use a small tile in any room, it will give an impression of a cramped room. Well, how do you install tiles in the bathroom? Read on the tips below.

1. Installation

Although large tiles are more expensive than small or medium-sized ones, it is indeed better to choose a large tile to trick a small bathroom. The cost may not be as much as the amount to spend for a large bathroom. If possible, use the same tile for the rest of your bathroom.

2. Choose the Color and Motif of your interest

After learning that large tiles could make the bathroom look bigger, now you learn about color. You can choose tiles with bright colors, like blue, to give a modern and stylish impression. If you are looking for the best blue tiles, Amber Tiles has quality blue bathroom tiles at affordable prices.

3. Select the White Luminous Lamp

Measure the floor very carefully. Calculate the length and width of the area to get the correct floor size. You better choose a tile with a shiny surface, so that it can reflect natural light in the bathroom. And choose the bright white lights, do not use yellow lights because it will make the bathroom look cramped and dark.

4. Pay attention to the details

Before you start the installation, make sure the floor is completely flat. Otherwise, ceramic tiles will not be installed properly. So, use the right equipment to measure the level of the floor, even at the corner of the room. Tiling is a project that needs proper execution.

5. Color Alignment

Pay attention to the color of your bathroom. The benefits of using matching colors can create unbroken lines for the eyes, so it will feel that the room is wider than it really is.