Essential tips for a Job Interview

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Essential tips for a Job Interview

One of the stages in job recruitment is the interview process. This stage is the phase every applicant eagerly wait. The interview would not be so scary if you prepare it well. You can follow these tips:

Do Research Related to Company Information

During the interview process, HRD doesn’t just ask about yourself. They might ask about the things you know about the company and your imagination when you work there later. It aims to find out if you want to apply there because it matches your interests and talents or you just randomly select them. It is highly recommended for you to do research related to the company you are applying to.

Build Good Communication

You should pay attention to how you answer their questions. Do not answer with short and unimproved answers. This is the HR assess your style of communication. Establish communication well and comfortably. Think that HRD is not your enemy but think of him as someone who will become your partner. Don’t forget to mention things in your CV. One important tip is don’t bore them. Remember, you need to stand out from other participants.

Don’t Write Everythings in CV

Many job applicants put all their skills on their CV, saying that they have cooperative skills, leadership skills, are very communicative, and an excellent problem solver. You need to know that all of them are qualitative skills that cannot be measured. It is best to include measurable skills such as language skills proven by TOEFL scores. Those qualitative skills are better to be mentioned during the interview and not in your CV. When you are looking for recruitment online, such as through the Criterion Asia recruitment agency Bangkok, please match the skills you have in the CV with the vacancies that you want to apply for.