How to make an effective cover letter?

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How to make an effective cover letter?

You will discover here the best tips for making a good cover letter. Your resume can be very solid and open the way to the job you are looking for. But making a cover letter means increasing significantly the chances that your profile will be retained. Here are the most effective tips to elaborate a perfect cover letter.

Always Attach your Cover Letter to your CV

Some people find it unnecessary to spend time writing their cover letter. Although some recruiters ignore it because of lack of time and go straight to the Curriculum Vitae, the most demanding headhunters will always read it. If you send a cover letter with your CV and no one reads it, it is the responsibility of the recruiter, but if you do not attach it and they require it, it will be a very negative point for you. The first rule is then to avoid unnecessary risk and write your cover letter correctly. And just as you can create a CV online, you can find a good cover letter template on the Internet. Be careful, the content must be unique.

How to Start your Cover Letter?

This may be the only opportunity to establish first contact with your future employer. It is recommended to prepare a catchphrase that encourages him to keep reading your cover letter. Avoid conditional sentences such as “I would like to integrate your honorable business…” and prefer sentences that suggest an action like “I am ready to start…” and which demonstrate your motivation to be part of the company.

How to Structure and Write your Cover Letter?

Start by greeting politely the person who will read your cover letter and mention some significant aspects that you know about the company. What do you know about it? What do you like about the things you know about it so far? Now, you can mention who you are and what you can do for the business. Then, tell how you imagine the impact your mission might have on the team. Make sure that the employer imagines “we” with you.

Customize your Cover Letter According to the Recruiting Company

It is good to save time and energy, but it is probably not the best solution for getting a job. Do not copy and paste information from other cover letters and do not use fixed templates. A simple predetermined cover letter template can help. However, the content will systematically vary depending on the company you are talking to. You will not be able to make the same cover letter to apply for a job in the medical equipment sales sector as for a position in the catering sector, for example.