Powerful SEO Trends That Are Dominant In 2022

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Powerful SEO Trends That Are Dominant In 2022

Our SEO agency has had a strong year so far with more businesses recognising how valuable the top spots are in the organic search rankings. Last year 93% of online experiences started with search engine queries. It isn’t hard to see why. It is essential to rank high within the organic search results, whether you are attempting to promote any form of content or are running a business, and the competition for the top search results is fierce. The number one <a href=”https://criodigital.co.uk/services/seo-agency/”>SEO agency Hampshire</a> is here, please feel free to give us a call and have a chat.

<h2>Core Web Vitals</h2>

Core Web Vitals is topping the 2022 list. In addition to being a ranking factor, it also continues to be a stronger one every year. Core Web Vitals refers to a series of ranking factors that are used by Google to see a user’s overall experience on a specific website. Core Web Vitals are comprised of three measurements of interaction and speed: cumulative-layout shift (CLS), first input delay (FID), and largest content paint (LCP). CLS focuses on the number of layout changes a page has undergone over its life span. <a href=”https://www.contentkingapp.com/academy/core-web-vitals/#:~:text=First%20Input%20Delay%20(FID)%20is,to%20respond%20to%20that%20interaction.”>FID</a> measures the amount of time it takes the website to respond to the first interaction that a user has with the site.

If you improve your Core Web Vitals it will significantly impact your website’s search engine performance.

<h3>’People Also Ask'</h3>

This is one of the more common search features used. Out of a total of 2.5 million queries, 48.4% were “people also ask” based.

To rank high within the search results, it is essential for your content to provide answers to the most commonly asked question. That expands on the featured snippet. A keyword tool can be used to find the keywords that your readers are looking for and then use them in the answers that you provide. Make sure the questions are included in an <a href=”https://www.searchenginejournal.com/best-faq-page-examples/267709/”>FAQ</a> section and in your content’s H2s, H3s, and H4s.


As the search engine algorithms continue to evolve, the quality of content does as well. When you are creating content, follow the EAT principles of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Google uses EAT to determine whether or not quality content is being provided by a web page.

A few foundational guidelines can be followed to improve your EAT:

– Do not use overly salesy content, paid link campaigns, overwhelming advertisements, or auto-generated content

– Include a biography that details the author’s expertise

– Cite your sources

– Create unique content that is being searched for by people

<h2>High-Quality Backlinks</h2>

In 2022, building authority through obtaining backlinks is still dominant, and it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. What were are seeing now is that the quality of backlinks plays a major role in how far and how fast you climb the rankings. Not every backlink is equal. Every year quality over quantity continues to become stronger.


Over the years, online video platforms have exploded. It is critical to incorporate video into your SEO strategy. Research shows that by the end of 2022 that video will comprise 82% of total global IP traffic.

<h2>AI Content</h2>

AI-generated content that is optimized for the search engines is a trend in SEO that continues to grow stronger. The strategy allows content to be created faster and ensures it is highly optimized as well.

Using AI has been a great filler for our SEO agency at times when we have needed to have high volumes of content created quickly. However, humans still must play a major role in the editing and evaluation of AI-generated content to make sure the final piece contains the necessary originality and quality. Be aware that just producing content and then having it added to the final piece without reviewing it could put you in Google’s doghouse.