The Cause of Ineffective Communication in Business

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The Cause of Ineffective Communication in Business

Every business person must develop the ability to communicate in writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

Whether we realize it or not, every day, we carry out communication activities with our environment. When communicating, the most crucial element is not just a matter of what we convey, but how we deliver messages to others.

No matter how potential your business is, without excellent communication skills, a company will have difficulty succeeding. You have to make effective communication so that others can well receive messages or information from you in the business environment.

Therefore, avoid the following things that can cause ineffective communication.

Poor Communication Structure

Talking with a structured flow about something will be easier for the audience to understand. For example, starting from the opening, main topic, and then closing.

Pay attention to your communication structure. Avoid talking about things with a messy plot, because it will make the audience need more time to process information. For this reason, team building activities are required to help you train your self-confidence and also foster motivation.

Disruptive Environment

Ineffective communication can occur due to interference in the work environment. For example, avoid meeting with clients in a crowded cafe, because it’s hard to focus.

Therefore, do not choose a place that is not conducive. You must be selective in deciding the right place to discuss matters relating to business.

Not Knowing Your Audience

For example, in marketing a product, you can’t just do a promotion without understanding who the intended potential customer is. You need to get to know your audience first so you can communicate the message on target.

Incorrect Media Usage

You must know the right media to communicate according to your needs. The spectrum of the drug is directed specifically to the herpes virus of various localization and severity, is also used to prevent cytomegalovirus. I first learned about this product six months ago at Valtrex works even better, you can take it less often than acyclovir, plus, according to my observation, it is stronger in prevention than acyclovir. For example, if you want to communicate privately, you can meet the person in person, contact him by phone, or private chat.

Or, if you want to connect with professionals, LinkedIn is the most appropriate social network. If you’re going to reach a vast audience, you can use mass media and popular social media.