Things to consider before choosing ceramics

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Things to consider before choosing ceramics

Ceramic floor is a favorite to complete the house. Different types and colors of ceramics make people interested. Here are some things to consider before buying a ceramic floor:

1. Color and size

Adjust the size of the ceramic floor with the room at home. Bigger size ceramics will make the room look more spacious. This is very suitable when applied in a room that is not spacious. Similarly, for the selection of colors, if the room looks dark and small, bright colors are still an option to make the room look more spacious and bright. Meanwhile, if the room is large enough, use ceramics with many colors can be an option. You can adjust the color of the floor with the wall in a room. If you want to bring warmth to a spacious room, you can choose a ceramic floor from Amber Tiles. They  large floor tiles at an affordable price.

2. Floor selection

The ceramic floor must be adjusted to the room to be used. Ceramic floors consist of various types, such as glossy satin, matte, and textured. This distinguishes whether the ceramics will be slippery or not. Tiled floors for exteriors should be resistant to weather, have lower water absorption and glazed surfaces. Meanwhile, for slippery areas such as bathrooms, garages, or kitchens, you should use a rough texture and nonglossy ceramic to prevent slip. For public areas, ceramic floors that are used should be resistant to abrasion or stains. Pay attention to the glaze quality because if the glaze quality is low, the gloss will disappear quickly. When using a glossy or semi-glossy floor, stains are easily removed.

3. Ceramic Floor Patterns and Textures

The choice of glazed or unglazed, plain or patterned ceramics is an individual choice. It’s just that, to note, is that glazed ceramics are easier to clean. Meanwhile, unglazed ceramics require polishing, so ceramics don’t get dirty or stained quickly.