Things to Do When Children Are Locked Alone in a Room

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Things to Do When Children Are Locked Alone in a Room

Being trapped and locked in a room is surely one of the most horrific experiences. Especially if it happens to your baby, who is still a toddler. This kind of event sometimes happens because your child is very active, and his motor skills increase, so he will always try to explore many things. This is when the child accidentally explores some doors and locks himself in the room. As a parent, here are things what you need to do when your children experience this

Keep calm

First and foremost, stay calm. Don’t panic and control your emotions as well as possible. The time we panic, it usually affects our voice to rise higher and tends to scream. If the child hears your screams and panic, he will feel scared and cry. If that happens, the atmosphere becomes more turbid. Make sure you stay calm.

Persuade children to be cooperative

When you relax, you will be able to think more clearly. Then persuade the child to be cooperative and ask him to remain calm. Calm your child and tell him that everything will be fine. When he knows that his condition is in ‘danger’, he tends to panic and cry. After your kid calms down and being cooperative, encourage him to return the key to its original position or ask him if there is an access hole to another room. Ask the child to remove the key and give it to you through that hole.

Call a Professional

If there is no other way to get the child out of the room; for example, the room has no window, then the last step you can choose is to call a professional. Today there are many key experts ready to help you when you are in an emergency like this. One of them is Stronghold Locksmiths. They operate 24 hours and are prepared to give you a quick response in a crisis. You can access complete information at

Create a back-up key

Having a back-up plan is a wise choice. Provide a spare key and put it in a location easy to find. However, it’s best if you don’t lock your baby’s room for safety reasons.

Those are the tips for parents when your child is locked in the room. Make sure you stay calm because only with a calm mind, you can guide children to be more cooperative.