Tips on Making a Festive Reunion Event

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Tips on Making a Festive Reunion Event

After high school, you and your friends live far away from each other. Due to the distance, you cannot meet them as intense as in high school.

Some occasions, maybe you miss those times, the time when you studied together, did silly things together, and sometimes had a crush on your classmate.

If you feel like that, the best solution you can do is holding a reunion event. Gather all your old friends from high school to relive the good times together.

In a reunion event, you will surely meet up with people in your high school, whether it’s your best friend, enemies at school, even your ex-lover.

To make the reunion event more enjoyable and not dull, try the following tips!

1. Watch a Football Game Together

Watching a Football Match together could be an exciting event. You could catch up on each other’s life while supporting your favorite team. If you are interested in this concept of a reunion, don’t forget to book in advance. One recommendation for you is to book a table at Tradies. Tradies is a place people love to go to watch live sport in Helensburgh.

2. Potluck party in an open park

Forget the formal and boring reunion event; now, you make your reunion event more festive and friendlier. Try the potluck party in the open park.

At this party, ask everyone to bring their food and ask them to exchange the food with the others. Enjoy the meal!

3. Costume party

If wearing a school uniform dress code is too common, try to make an unusual costume party. Costumes in the 80s or 90s style can be one of the unique and appropriate costume party themes for a reunion. Maybe preparing a costume like might be a bit complicated, but it will pay off when you see the excitement in your friends’ faces when they do silly things like in the old days.

4. Karaoke

Besides watching movies together, karaoke is one concept you should consider for your reunion event. You can also invite your teacher or lecturer at school or college. Who knows, maybe you’d get to see the different side of them outside school.